About Proago Research & Consulting

Proago Research & Consulting: Your Gateway to Comprehensive Research and Consulting Services

Based in Noida, India, Proago Research & Consulting stands as a full-service research and consulting company. Our unwavering mission is to equip organizations worldwide with end-to-end business solutions rooted in meticulously crafted research-based insights.

Comprising a team of seasoned research and consulting experts, we bring forth a wealth of experience accumulated over several decades. Our track record boasts hundreds of successfully executed project engagements and thousands of interviews conducted with key industry stakeholders. This rich reservoir of knowledge, coupled with the exceptional skills, seniority, and diverse backgrounds of our team, positions us uniquely to deliver impactful, pertinent, and resilient insights.

We provide an expansive array of services meticulously crafted to surpass your specific requirement

Quantitative Research
Primary Research

Acquire Intuitive Insights Straight from the Industry's Core Influencers

Unearth profound insights directly from the voices of the individuals who constitute the bedrock of the industry you aspire to thrive in.

Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research

Unravel Complexities with Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly untangle intricate issues and steer your path towards success by harnessing immediate access to real-time insights.


Bridge the Knowledge Gap with a blend of Secondary and Primary Research-Based Insights

Prepare to bridge the divide between your existing knowledge and the information you seek through a harmonious fusion of secondary and primary research-based insights.

We provide business research services in sectors like technology, telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, financial services, industrials and energy, and beyond

What We do?
What We do?

Empowering companies to embark on transformative journeys, we offer comprehensive research support for strategic projects.

How we work?
How we work?

We work in close collaboration with the clients as their business partners.

How we think?
How we think?

We are thought leaders in our field and bring in vast industry experience to support clients.

Business Challenges

Your Business Needs, Our Steadfast Support

When you share your business needs with us, we stand ready to provide unwavering support. We are dedicated to assisting you with all types of business requirements, ensuring that you receive guidance throughout crucial decision-making processes

Understand Market
Size Market Opportunities
Screen Target Firms
Evaluate Competitors
Assess Brand Health
Improve Customer Experience