Breaking Barriers: Assisting a Generative AI Start-up in Expanding Reach Across Target Verticals

Breaking Barriers

01. The Challenge

A Germany-based generative AI startup aimed to broaden its presence across various end-user industries, yet lacked the essential insights regarding the specific demand levels within each industry.

02. The Solution

We provided the client with comprehensive assistance, enabling them to not only identify the verticals that were ready for immediate adoption of their tool but also anticipate the industries that would experience significant demand in the long term.

How we did it

  • We conducted an analysis and narrowed down a selection of industry verticals characterized by a comparatively higher utilization of IT. For this, we assessed:
    • IT spending as percentage of industry revenues
    • Data intensity level
    • Dependency on technology
  • Through a comprehensive analysis of the aforementioned factors, we were able to determine the top 10 industries that presented lucrative opportunities for generative AI. We delved deeply into the selected industries, focusing on specific aspects to gain a thorough understanding. including their:
    • Current adoption level of generative AI
    • Their sense of urgency to adopt the technology
    • Their unmet needs that generative AI can address
    • Current and future uses cases of generative AI
    • A 10 year projected growth rate of industries’ spending on generative AI
  • Based on the conducted analysis, we assessed and ranked the industries according to their appeal for generative AI services, with healthcare, financial services, and media & advertising emerging as the top contenders

03. The Impact

As the client pivoted towards the recommended industries, they were able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the market attractiveness of generative AI across various industry verticals.

Despite the tool being in its early stages of adoption, the client began to observe noticeable results within the specified industries.