Bridging Healthcare Divides: Assisting a Global MedTech Company in Rural Market Entry in Europe

Bridging Healthcare Divides

01. The Challenge

A prominent pharmaceutical consultancy assisted a global medical technology (MedTech) company in entering the rural healthcare market in Germany using an inorganic approach. As part of their thorough research, they aimed to comprehend the market dynamics and identify potential acquisition or joint venture targets that would align with their objectives.

02. The Solution

Through an extensive evaluation of the German rural MedTech industry and a quantitative survey involving 200 medical practitioners, we delivered valuable market insights. These insights included identifying potential market players suitable as partners for the end client. These actionable findings played a pivotal role in enabling a fruitful collaboration between the end client and a selected MedTech company.

How we did it

  • We created an industry primer that encompassed the market landscape, competitive dynamics, typical operating models, growth prospects, and potential disruptors
  • Additionally, we conducted a quantitative survey involving 200 practitioners to identify:
    • Primary medical devices employed in rural and remote regions
    • Prominent MedTech suppliers they engage with for these devices
  • These survey outcomes streamlined our research towards pivotal emerging technologies
  • For such technologies, we provided access to a roster of medtech providers/suppliers with a robust sales network in rural regions

03. The Impact

The comprehensive study facilitated an in-depth analysis of the MedTech sector, resulting in accurate and actionable insights for the client. These findings played a crucial role in guiding the client's advisory services to its MedTech end client regarding their market entry strategy. Subsequently, based on the recommendations, the end client successfully formed a joint venture with one of the shortlisted MedTech players.