Resilience Rising: Supporting a Restaurant Chain in Overcoming COVID Challenges

Resilience Rising

01. The Challenge

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a prominent restaurant chain operating across the nation experienced significant financial setbacks. The closure of outlets and a decrease in customer traffic adversely impacted its business. In order to revitalize its operations, the company sought to implement fresh growth strategies.

02. The Solution

We offered the restaurant owner innovative insights and strategies to help them recover and surpass their pre-pandemic sales, enabling them to thrive in their business once again.

How we did it

  • We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape, identifying key trends and challenges that were prevalent
  • To achieve this, we undertook extensive desk research and reached out to industry experts who had affiliations with renowned hotels and restaurant chains
  • Through qualitative analysis of the interviews, we uncovered the pressing challenges faced by the restaurants, including liquidity issues, outlet closures, and the complexities of reopening. We also explored the evolving food preferences of customers and the strategies implemented by the restaurants to navigate the demanding market conditions
  • Drawing from the compiled insights, we proposed specific solutions to the client that aligned seamlessly with their business operations.. Some of them included:
    • Embracing first party delivery services for superior customer experience
    • Leveraging social media platforms as a means to swiftly reach a larger audience
    • Reducing sourcing costs through consolidation of suppliers and usage of cost-effective raw materials
    • Incorporating tech tools to analyze customer data analysis, making contactless ordering and improved communication with customers

03. The Impact

By gaining a thorough understanding of the market gaps and identifying untapped opportunities in the restaurant industry, the client successfully capitalized on these white spaces.

After implementing the recommended solutions, the client experienced remarkable growth, achieving a 1.5X increase in their business within a span of six months.