Revitalizing Legal Operations: A Case Study of Developing Client-centric Model for a Leading Law Firm

Revitalizing Legal Operations

01. The Challenge

A prominent legal firm possessed a finely crafted business framework organized by practices and geographic locations. Yet, influenced by prevailing market trends, it aimed to introduce business groups categorized by the industries it served. Concurrently, the firm aimed to bolster its reputation of understanding clients' sectors, aiming to foster stronger trust. To achieve this, it sought to deeply comprehend its clients' industry verticals.

02. The Solution

We supported the client in understanding their clients’ industry, thereby enabling it to build a client focused business model. For the key select verticals, we provided detailed reports covering market dynamics and business challenges that the clients have been facing currently.

How we did it

  • Worked closely with the firm's stakeholders to grasp the primary industry sectors of their major clients
  • Based on this, specific verticals were chosen for in-depth examination
  • Thorough research was conducted for these sectors, exploring prevalent trends, regulations, and significant legal or financial issues
  • Alongside, future market projections were provided to enhance the client's rapport with end clients

03. The Impact

The sector-specific reports significantly bolstered the law firm's reputation among its clients, showcasing its expertise in their industry landscape. The client could also effectively spotlight upcoming challenges to its end clients, supported by viable legal solutions. Consequently, a client-centered strategy was integrated into the firm's operations. The outcomes were so valuable that the client expressed interest in receiving quarterly updates on these select markets.