Staying Ahead in the Oil and Gas Industry: Real-time Market Intelligence for a Global downstream Company

Staying Ahead in the Oil and Gas Industry

01. The Challenge

A global oil and gas company, primarily focused on downstream operations, sought a comprehensive and real-time solution to remain informed about the market and competitive activities. It was interested in a structured approach that would provide continuous updates on the market as well as its peers in the industry.

02. The Solution

We created a personalized dashboard offering real-time market and competitive intelligence tailored to the oil & gas sector. This single platform empowers the client to access current data on market trends, competitor actions, industry news, and vital metrics. The real-time feature guarantees the client's access to the latest insights, supporting well-timed decisions.

How we did it

  • To address the client's needs, we segmented its requirements into various parameters such as downstream product (gasoline, diesel, lubricant, etc.), competitor, geography, etc., spanning the entire oil and gas value chain
  • We designed a customized portal to fulfill the client's key information needs, enhancing real-time decision-making
  • In addition, we conducted interviews with different user groups in the client's organization to understand their specific requirements and update preferences. This helped us tailor the portal accordingly
  • Using our framework, we analyzed the collected data and integrated it into the portal, ensuring regular updates for the latest insights
  • This approach empowered the client to access current data, facilitating well-informed and timely decisions

03. The Impact

The introduction of the tailored portal led to a notable 25% decrease in analysis time, expediting decision-making for the client. Moreover, the portal's automation capabilities resulted in a time-saving of 30%, releasing resources for essential tasks.

Furthermore, the continuous insights from the portal amplified the client's understanding of their competitors, fostering awareness of industry trends, market shifts, and rival actions. This heightened visibility enabled informed strategic decisions and swift responses to market fluctuations.