Sustainable Finance Success: Supporting a Bank in Marketing its Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable Finance Success

01. The Challenge

A global leading bank wanted to develop differentiating marketing communications for Sustainable Financing solutions and crave out a unique perspective.

02. The Solution

We offered strategic recommendations for promoting Sustainable Financing solutions and identified the marketing initiatives that have gained significant traction and proven successful in raising awareness.

How we did it

  • In close coordination with the client, we shortlisted few close competitors that have been actively pursuing marketing initiatives for promoting sustainable financing
  • The positioning of select competitors in relation to Sustainable Financing was evaluated by assessing their key messaging themes and topics
  • Further, these competitors were compared on different platforms where they have been promoting themselves, such as their:
    • Social media and digital activity
    • Though leadership content production
    • Presence in industry events and conferences
  • A comprehensive analysis was also carried out to examine the marketing approaches employed in promoting sustainable products and solutions within the context of the review
  • Following the individual competitor analysis, the next step involved assessing those competitors who have experienced notable consumer awareness of their sustainable solutions

03. The Impact

The client obtained a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal marketing strategies that propelled environmentally friendly financial solutions to high popularity among consumers.

The client established a dedicated committee to implement the marketing plan for the identified initiatives, and within three months, observed a significant increase in customer awareness, as evidenced by the favorable performance of KPIs associated with those marketing activities.